Cooler Master unveils “CryoFuze Violet” thermal paste with exceptional thermal performance

Cooler Grasp has announcement its model new CryoFuze Violet thermal paste which incorporates violet coloured thermal grease.

Coloured thermal pastes are right here! Cooler Grasp Unveils CryoFuze Violet with Violet-Coloured Grease for Distinctive Cooling

In line with Cooler Grasp itself, the next-gen CryoFuze Violet comes with a particular violet-colored grease that gives superior grip on your {hardware} elements. The grease makes use of a nanoparticle-based part that gives wonderful thermal conductivity and optimum warmth switch inside your PC.

Among the key options of Cooler Grasp’s CryoFuze thermal paste embrace:

  • Excessive efficiency
  • Distinctive thermal conductivity
  • Anhygroscopic (not absorbing moisture)
  • Simple software
  • Non-corrosive method

The non-corrosive, oxidation-resistant method that was used within the growth of CryoFuze Violet thermal compound prevents solidification and leaves metallic contact surfaces unscathed. The dough itself can preserve stability as little as -50C and as excessive as 240C (levels Celsius). Warmth switch is rated at 12.6 W/mK making it a premium thermal compound. Moreover, the paste is available in an injection tube, making it straightforward to use to any part.

“Cooler Grasp launches a brand new addition to the CryoFuze collection of thermal paste, CryoFuze Violet. That includes a purple-tinted compound, the nanoparticles within the composition enable for wonderful thermal conductivity on all course of elements. The balanced viscosity and composition electrically insulated present distinctive bonding with easy software and cleanup CryoFuze Violet is non-corrosive and proof against oxidation, leaving mating surfaces intact, whereas stopping solidification and drying CryoFuze Violet has a flexible vary of efficiency temperature, sustaining stability from -50°C to 240°C.”

by way of Cooler Grasp

Essentially the most exceptional function of this thermal compound is that it’s purple or purple in coloration. Silver and grey colours have been commonplace for thermal grease for a very long time, however that is the primary time we have seen coloured compounds from a producer as massive as Cooler Grasp. Clearly, when you apply thermal paste and put a cooler on the CPU or GPU, you will by no means discover the compound once more until you take away it or another person does. , by which case the second person would surprise why their {hardware} is leaking alien-colored glue. Cooler Grasp hasn’t talked about pricing for the brand new CryoFuze Violet thermal compound nevertheless it must be accessible quickly. It is usually presently listed for US$30.99 at Newegg.

The corporate additionally presents purple and blue coloured thermal pads which you’ll be able to try right here.

Information Supply: Overclock3D

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