New fur for the quantum cat: Entanglement of many atoms discovered for the first time

Schroedinger’s cat with quantum fur: Within the materials LiHoF4, physicists from the colleges of Dresden and Munich have found a brand new quantum section transition during which the domains behave in a quantum mechanical approach. Credit score: C. Hohmann, MCQST Whether or not magnets or superconductors, supplies are identified for his or her varied properties. … Read more

SU(N) matter is about 3 billion times colder than deep space – opens a portal to the high-symmetry quantum realm

An artist’s conception of the complicated magnetic correlations physicists have noticed with a groundbreaking quantum simulator at Kyoto College that makes use of ytterbium atoms about 3 billion instances cooler than deep area. Totally different colours characterize the six doable spin states of every atom. The simulator makes use of as much as 300,000 atoms, … Read more